Since its founding in 2007 the Methods Centre in the Department of Social Sciences (University of Bremen) has been involved in compulsory and elective compulsory courses in statistics and methods of empirical social research. The focus is on the basic training in statistics and methods of empirical social research, imparting of advanced knowledge and skills for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative social research data as well as »research-based learning«, which offers Bachelor students the opportunity to participate in joint teaching research projects.

In the bachelor's program the Methods Centre offers two compulsory modules for statistics and methods of empirical social research, »STM1« and »STM2«, for students of Geography, Political Science and Sociology. Currently records of the statistics lectures of these two modules can be viewed on

In addition, the Methods Center contributes courses to the so-called »FEM« area of »Advanced Empirical Methods«, especially for the BA Sociology. We are focused especially on the imparting of practical research experience and extensive data analysis skills.

The Methods Centre also contributes to the Master of Sociology and Social Research by providing the Compulsory Course in "Quantitative Methods" and the "Social Integration and Methods Research" field of studies.